Why Should Guides Form an Association?

1. To achieve legal and professional status and recognition. The aim is for the Tourist Guide Association to be recognised as an official association, enjoying the legal and professional status awarded to other professional bodies under the law of each country.

2. To professionally bring together a group of Guides working within the same town, region or country.

3. To act as the spokesman for the majority of Guides in order to promote the professional, economic, and social standing and interests of Guides. To be able to negotiate, on behalf of its members for things such as better working conditions and fees.

4. To promote co-operation between Guides, other individuals and bodies involved in tourism and local authorities, in order to promote well organised tourism, and upgrade the service offered to tourists, that is to have a say in the decision-making on tourism in their country. To provide a body with whom tourist boards and local authorities can co-operate in raising quality of tourism offered.

5. To improve and enhance the professional training of Guides. Where applicable, to prompt Tourist Authorities to train and examine Guides within their country. As an organised body to have a say in the selection, training and examination of recognised standards of Guides.

6. To represent Guides in International Organisations, Federations and other professional bodies.

7. Through the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, to have access to a source of information on Guide training and registration elsewhere and assistance with setting up a registration of guides.

8. To be able to organise various functions and other activities. To be able to provide the country with an immediate source of suitable guides for VIP visitors, conferences, fam. Tours etc.

9. As professionally organised Association to be unpolitical and work on a non-profit basis. Depending on local circumstances, the Association may be affiliated to a trade union. In some countries, the Tourist Association is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.