WFTGA: Member of UNWTO

The Executive Council of UNWTO agreed at its 90th session in Mombassa, Kenya on 19-21st June 2011  to admit the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations to Affiliate Membership. " It is with great satisfaction that we welcome the World Federation of
Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) and all of its employees to the World Tourism Organization. I am pleased to confirm that your entity's application for affiliation to UNWTO has recently been approved by the Executive Council at its 90th session held in Mombasa, Kenya on 19-21 June 2011. For us it is a real honor to count on your entity, its knowledge and potential for collaboration for creating a tourism sector that is more ethical, responsible and able to generate wealth around the world."

Javier Blanco, Director, UNWTO Affiliate Members

WFTGA thereby signs up to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics:

Posted: 12/07/12